Helping lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer adults share their stories of resilience at every school nationwide.

Go Back To Your School in 2011

“A horrifying but kind of amazing new idea…” (RT@Marksamiam, 10.4.10)

Back To Your School is back in action for the New Year! Since BTYS began in October 2010, we’ve received thousands of visitors, placed speakers in several schools around the country, and sparked on and offline conversations about the unique role that gay adults can play in reaching gay or questioning youth.

Why go back to your school?

There are millions of lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender adults in America, and only 140,000 middle and high schools and universities nationwide.

– Whether you were out, closeted, questioning or straight in school…

– Whether you’ve made your home in the town you grew up in, you only visit on holidays, or you’ve never been back since high school graduation…

– Whether you’re out to your friends from high school, or have made a welcoming community elsewhere…

The students at your old school want to hear from you, and need your help. Our first speakers have met with students in urban, suburban and rural schools, and the response has been the same each time: “Thank you for coming, and for being so honest.  Thank you for sharing your story.”

Adopt your old schools! Here’s how:

1) Reply to this post with the names of your old schools, from elementary through college.  We’re making a map!

2) Call the principals and superintendent in your old districts.  Introduce yourself as a gay alum, and ask what they are doing for gay youth.  Refer them to the resources on this page, or at GLSEN (  Then, let us know you called.

3) Call the guidance office at your middle or high school, and ask if you might be invited to speak to a small group of students, a class, a gay-straight alliance… or even an assembly! We have Back To Your School champions who have done each of these.

Watch this space for a post from BYTS Founders Sangeeta and Leslie answering Frequently Asked Questions from interested LGBTQ alums, including the most important one: “What do I SAY?”

If you’d like advice or assistance as you prepare to contact your old school or speak with students, please contact us (using the link at top).   We’ll even accompany you if you like!

Happy New Year from all of us at Back To Your School, and thank you for your continued support and hard work!


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