Helping lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer adults share their stories of resilience at every school nationwide.

Join all those heading back to their school!

In the several weeks since Back To Your School launched, we’ve heard incredible stories: a teacher coming out to her class and colleagues for the first time, a mother who made a trip to her home state just to meet with the gay-straight alliance at her old high school, a New Yorker who has been invited to speak at his Midwestern high school over the holidays.   As Thanksgiving and the winter break approaches, have you considered reaching out to your old schools or paying a visit?  Here’s two ways to get make a difference for the youth at your hometown:

– Write or call the principals and administration of your old school district.  Share your story of being a gay adult, tell them you care about the experiences of gay and questioning youth in your old school, and ask what they’re doing to make the school environment a safe and accepting one.  See our post on resources here.

– If you go home for the holidays, pay a visit to your school or district administration office. Introduce yourself, tell them about the Back To Your School movement, and ask how you can be a resource to them as they make their schools safe and supportive places for gay and questioning youth.

Then tell us about it!  Each action we take inspires another.


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