Helping lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer adults share their stories of resilience at every school nationwide.

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Hello to the thousands of visitors that Back To Your School welcomes to this site!  We are hearing, and are so inspired by, your stories from the field: how returning to speak at your high school healed old wounds, how your middle school principal connected you to the student leaders of the GSA, how teachers are sharing their personal stories of being LGBT adults with students and parents to incredible receptions.

We want to hear more stories! And we want to share more with you.  PLEASE follow Back To Your School on Twitter: we’re @back2yourschool

You can help by following and then retweeting our daily updates.  The strength and size of our collective LGBTQ and straight allied networks is what will make it possible for every one of 140,000 schools in America to be reached by an LGBTQ adult asking, “what are we doing for the kids that came after me?”

Join us!!


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