Helping lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer adults share their stories of resilience at every school nationwide.

Jessica Went Back To Her School!

Our featured alum today is Jessica, who sent letters to her high school and superintendent’s office of her old school district in central New York.

In the nearly two weeks since Back To Your School’s launch, thousands of LGBTQ adults and straight allies have visited the site, shared the names of their elementary, middle and high schools and colleges, and pledged to go back to these schools with a unified message: I am an alumni of this school, and I care about what happens to the LGBTQ and questioning youth that attend now.”

Will you go back to your school with this message too? Visit our post How To Go Back To School for some ways you can start and resources that you can share with your old schools.

There are only 140,000 schools in the United States, and millions of LGBTQ and straight allied adults that once attended them.  Use your influence!  Go back to your school!


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